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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Sunshine Education provides one to one home tuition for primary and secondary schools on all academic subjects (i.e. English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, Tamil and Malay).

One to one home tuition also provides for junior college level on mathematics subject. Professional services apply on business to ensure strong corporate identity.

Provide coaching and guidance on customized worksheets and examinations papers comprises of selected challenging questions from past years'

Top school papers and reputable publishers worldwide, school's homework and Marshall Cavendish online during break time, offers first-class service by providing solutions on the spot or send to them via social application (i.e. sms/web chat/Facetime/WhatsApp) upon request after lesson at no extra costs.

It also offers tuition on other mother tongue subjects to meet the needs of the minority races in Singapore. The worksheets and examinations papers are copyrighted and are revised constantly to ensure it keeps up to the latest syllabuses.

We follow strictly to the latest MOE Syllabuses 2021.

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