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    classroom learning explore digital learning digital learning 1/5 WELCOME TO SUNSHINE Sunshine Education provides 1 to 1 focused home tuition services for primary school, secondary school and junior college students in a paperless, information technology savvy environment. All of our trainers are experienced and qualified. They owned MOE/NIE certificates or relevant degree certificates. Brochure Visit Us Portal For more information, kindly contact

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    TESTIMONIALS Welcome to Sunshine Education , Write a Testimonial First Name Last Name Email Phone Rate Our Services Excellent Good Disappointing What did you like best? How can we improve? Would you recommend us to your friends? Yes No Anything else you would like to add? Submit Review Thanks for submitting! Upload file Max File Size 15MB WHAT PEOPLE SAY View More View More View More Ashlie Teacher Krishna is a very good teacher. She teaches me well. She is very nice, funny and pretty. I passed my English and Mathematics examinations because of her. Desiree Koh Teacher Krishna is a good teacher because she had helped me alot and i could understand how she teaches me and I would want more tuition lesson next year. Thank you! Sreshti I scored 256. A* for my mathematics and English. Thank you so much for teaching Sreshti. She got into Cedar IP. Thank you Teacher Rina! View More View More View More Kelvin A patience , organized and systematic tutor. Thank you, Mr Sam ! Cass A great patient tutor who helped me in my physics. He ensured that I I was prepared for 'O' levels by going through and focusing on all the topics I was weak at. He also answered my questions well. I was confident for 'O' levels. Thanks to Mr Sam. Natalie A knowledgeable , patient and enthusiastic tutor.

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    ABOUT SUNSHINE EDUCATION Founder's Welcome, ​ Sunshine Education believes strongly in providing pupils with a holistic education and through that, helping them to discover and develop their individual interests, talents and strengths. We have many engaging programmes in place to achieve this, and the staff is committed to providing a student-centric, values driven education for our pupils. We also want to continue to build on the strong partnerships with our parents and the community, to add value to pupils' learning. ​ Seeing every students becoming successful in their future endeavours after they leave the centre is its greatest joy. Looking forward in helping the next generation of leaders! Sincerely, ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Ms Joleen Chng Founder/CEO Sunshine Education #Future Learning 2030 Our Style With its service and result-oriented focus, it only hires qualified teachers and staffs who are well coached by the owner to achieve uniformity of teaching and working strategy across the board and thus increase efficiency and productivity to stay competitive over others in the market which will help in the steady growth of the business. Our Focus With the recent trends of moving towards a cosmopolitan and metropolitan society, thus it adopts sophistication to bring all human ethnic groups to a single community by offering language tuition to the minority races in Singapore (i.e. Malay, Tamil and other foreign languages) and focuses mainly on abstract conceptualization skills and critical thinking skills.

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    OUR TEACHERS Sunshine Education offers one to one focused home tuition. It delivers its services by conducting lessons in a paperless, information technology savvy environment. It provides guidance on school’s homework and marshall cavendish online during break time, provides solutions on the spot during lessons and after lesson via social application (i.e. sms/whatsapp/video chat) at no extra costs. It partners with a supplier for the provision of Ipads. Here's our junior college levels teachers' profile Chan Heng Yik Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and information technology) , National University of Singapore Hwa Chong Junior College, Singapore-Cambridge (Advanced Level) Raffles Institution, Singapore-Cambridge (Ordinary Level) ​ I'm experienced in teaching JCH2 mathematics. I am providing tuition service for both home and group tuitions. For home tuition, I have 4 students, one Year 4 IP and three junior college students. Last year, all three students in my class achieved A grades for their 'A' level examinations. ​ I hope through my guidance , will be able to help all students to ACE in their examinations. ​ KATHARINE TAN Bachelor of Accountancy , Singapore Management University Anglo-chinese Junior College, Singapore-Cambridge (Advanced Level) Nan Hua High/Pei Chun Public School, Singapore-Cambridge (Ordinary Level) ​ My Forte is Math and Accounting. I am currently a full time tutor, giving private tuition and also PSLE tuition in a tuition centre. I have experience in teaching MOE Math from Upper Primary to Junior College. I understand very well the way to score in exams and am very familiar with the syllabus. I am able to identify the students' weakness and tackle it through drilling. I have improved students' scores from F to A including helping a student reach a goal of transferring from NT to NA stream for Math subject. ​ Christie Tan Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering , National University of Singapore Nanyang Junior College, Singapore-Cambridge (Advanced Level) Chung Cheng High School, Singapore-Cambridge (Ordinary Level) ​ I am a Year 3 Mechanical Engineering student at the National University of Singapore. My strongest subject has always been maths and i have scored A for every maths subject/module i had to take throughout the course of my education. I have also been teaching various level of maths (Primary-Junior College) for about 5 years now. I can understand students struggles and i can give them valuable tips on how to achieve their goals in school. ​

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    ​ACADEMICS Timeless Teachings in a Changing World E-learning Online Education E-Learning Learning in a digital world Online Teaching Modern Teaching 1/4 Sunshine Education provides one to one home tuition for primary and secondary schools on all academic subjects (i.e. English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, Tamil and Malay). One to one home tuition also provides for junior college level on mathematics subject. Professional services apply on business to ensure strong corporate identity. Provide coaching and guidance on customized worksheets and examinations papers comprises of selected challenging questions from past years' Top school papers and reputable publishers worldwide, school's homework and Marshall Cavendish online during break time, offers first-class service by providing solutions on the spot or send to them via social application (i.e. sms/web chat/Facetime/WhatsApp) upon request after lesson at no extra costs. It also offers tuition on other mother tongue subjects to meet the needs of the minority races in Singapore. The worksheets and examinations papers are copyrighted and are revised constantly to ensure it keeps up to the latest syllabuses. We follow strictly to the latest MOE Syllabuses 2020. ​ ​

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    TEACHING METHODS Back to Academics English, Malay, Tamil, Chinese Language Motivate learning and help pupils pay attention to what is to be learned. Help them make connections with what they already know. Revisit and reinforce what has been learned Diagnose pupils’ needs, abilities and interests. Identify learning gaps, monitor their learning and provide timely and useful feedback for improving learning and self-assessment. Teach language in authentic contexts of use and model its use. Let pupils learn through working collaboratively with the teacher and other pupils. Facilitate discovery by prompting, posing questions and supporting the process by which pupils can learn about a skill, strategy, process or rule without prior or explicit instruction. Explain and clarify a skill, strategy or process directly and systematically, in addition to teaching it in contexts of meaningful use. Secondary Science ​ Engaging with an event, phenomenon or problem through posing questions, formulating hypothesis, defining the problem, generating possibilities and predicting. Collecting and presenting evidence through observing, using apparatus and equipment. Reasoning, making meaning of information and evidence through comparing, classifying, inferring, analyzing, evaluating and verifying. Using processes of creative problem-solving, planning investigation and decision-making to inquire about phenomena around them by the following strategies (Brainstorming, Case Study, Concept Cartoon, Concept Mapping, Cooperative Learning, Demonstration, Field Trip, Projects, Games, Investigation, Learning Centres, Mindmapping, Model Building, Problem Solving, Questioning. ​ Primary Science Provide students with experiences which build on their interest in and stimulate their curiosity about their environment Provide students with basic scientific terms and concepts to help them understand themselves and the world around them Provide students with opportunities to develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry Prepare students towards using scientific knowledge and methods in making personal decisions Help students appreciate how science influences people and the environment. Use a variety of strategies to facilitate the above (Concept Cartoon, Concept Mapping, Cooperative Learning, Demonstration, Questioning, Field Trip, Games, Investigation, Problem Solving, Projects ​ Primary Mathematics Use appropriate notations, symbols and conventions to present and communicate mathematical ideas Reason inductively and deductively by : observing patterns, similarities and differences drawing logical conclusions and making inferences Explaining or justifying solutions, writing out the solutions mathematically Make connections within mathematics and between mathematics and everyday life Apply mathematics concepts and skills to solve problems in a variety of contexts within or outside mathematics, including: Identifying the appropriate mathematical representations for a problem Using appropriate mathematical concepts, skills (including tools and algorithm) to solve a problem Interpreting the mathematical solution in the context of the problem and making sense of the solution Use thinking skills such as: Classifying Comparing Sequencing Generalising Induction Deduction Analyzing (from whole to parts) Synthesizing (from parts to whole) Use a problem-solving model such as Polya’s model Use heuristics such as: Drawing a diagram Tabulating Guess and check Working backwards Simplifying a problem Considering a special cases ​ Secondary Additional Mathematics Reason inductively and deductively, including: Explaining or justifying or critiquing a mathematical solution/statement Drawing logical conclusions Making inferences Writing mathematical arguments and proofs Use appropriate representations, mathematical language (including notations, symbols and conventions) and technology to present and communicate mathematical ideas. Make connections within mathematics, between mathematics and other disciplines, and between mathematics and the real world. Apply mathematics concepts and skills to solve problems in a variety of contexts within or outside mathematics, including: Identify the appropriate mathematical representations or standard models for a problem Use appropriate mathematical concepts, skills (including tools and algorithm) to solve a problem Stages of modelling Understanding a real-world problem Formulating a real-world problem into a mathematical one by making suitable assumption and simplification and identifying suitable mathematical representations Applying mathematics to solve the real-world problem Interpreting the mathematical solution in the context of the real-world problem, including verifying against real data Redefining and improving the model Use thinking skills such as: Classifying Comparing Sequencing Generalising Induction Deduction Analysing (from whole to parts) Synthesizing (from parts to whole) Use a problem-solving model such as Polya’s model Use heuristics such as: Drawing a diagram Tabulating Guess and check Working backwards Simplifying a problem Considering special cases Trial and error Acting it out ​ Secondary Elementary Mathematics Use appropriate representations, mathematical language (including notations, symbols and conventions) and technology to present and communicate mathematical ideas. Reason inductively and deductively, including: Explaining or justifying/verifying a mathematical solution/statement Drawing logical conclusions Making inferences Writing mathematical arguments Make connections within mathematics, between mathematics and other disciplines, and between mathematics and the real world. Apply mathematics concepts and skills to solve problems in a variety of contexts within or outside mathematics, including: Identifying the appropriate mathematical representations or standard models for a problem Using appropriate mathematical concepts, skills (including tools and algorithm) to solve a problem Understand the nature of the mathematical modelling process, including: (for O-level and N(A)-Level) Formulating a real-world problem into a mathematical model by making suitable assumptions and simplification and identifying suitable mathematical representations Applying mathematics to solve the problem Interpreting the mathematical solution in the context of the problem Refining and improving the model Understand some elements of the mathematical modelling process, including: (for N(T)-Level) Formulating a simple mathematical model to represent a real world problem Applying mathematics to solve the problem Interpreting the mathematical solution and making informed decisions Use thinking skills such as: Classifying Comparing Sequencing Generalising Induction Deduction Analysing (from whole to parts) Synthesizing (from parts to whole) Use a problem-solving model such as Polya’s model Use heuristics such as: Drawing a diagram Tabulating Guess and check Working backwards Simplifying a problem Considering special cases ​ JC Mathematics ​ Active Training sessions which teach/explain the concepts with plenty of examples and group discussions. Discussion of questions from various sources ranging from ten years series, preliminary papers, promo-papers, textbooks and special questions set/compiled by the trainer. Advanced questions to train students for JC1 promotional examinations and JC2 prelims. One-on-one feedback sessions on how to improve and study techniques. Creating Character Arts • Sketching out some rough ideas for characters. • Assemble them in a scene. • Trace the outline for each character. • Choose a color for the fill. • Add shadows underneath your characters to create depth. • Add background items and detail to your work. • Dropping in extra clouds at the base of the illustration and amending the colors to create a more vibrant piece.

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    OUR TEACHERS Sunshine Education offers one to one focused home tuition. It delivers its services by conducting lessons in a paperless, information technology savvy environment. It provides guidance on school’s homework and marshall cavendish online during break time, provides solutions on the spot during lessons and after lesson via social application (i.e. sms/whatsapp/video chat) at no extra costs. It partners with a supplier for the provision of Ipads. Here's our secondary school levels teachers' profile Hannah Lee Bachelor of Arts , National University of Singapore Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (with Merit), Singapore Polytechnic Fuchun Secondary School, Singapore-Cambridge (Ordinary Level) ​ I am Lee, an experienced Chinese & Science Full-Time Tutor (NUS Grad) for North West Area - mainly Woodlands, CCK and Jurong East. I was a Chinese Voiceover for MOE Educational Videos and I am also a Chinese Event Host/Emcee. I have 3 years of experience in teaching Primary, Secondary and ‘O’ level students and some professional expats. I believe that every child is unique and I customize my training modules according to the student’s character and their individual needs. This way, I am able to help my students who are weak in certain areas. This approach is very much liked by my students and their parents. Chinese is not a difficult language as many think. Chinese is a fun language to learn and speak. Having a strong foundation in Chinese language is important and necessary to bring out the passion for it among teenagers and children. My way of teaching is not just memorizing the lessons but by decoding the completed words and making is simpler for my students to absorb and learn it easily. This helps them to effectively use them in our daily conversations and writings as well as to experience the roots and culture of our Chinese ancestors. On a side note, I also specialize in Primary & Lower Secondary Science and have helped my students to obtain A from in both Primary and Secondary School levels. MICHAEL CHUNG Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education, Queensland University of Tech Bachelor of Theology, Far Eastern Bible College Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education, University of Melbourne Specialist Diploma in Special Needs, Counsellors Academy Diploma in Children’s Ministry, CEF Leadership Training Institute ISO 9001:2008 Training & Internal Audit in Organisation Quality Standard, Eben Consultants Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment in Adult learning & training, Institute for Adult Learning WSQ Problem Solving & Decision Making, Eben Consultants Teaching of English as a foreign language , Ministry of Education 1-year Counsellors Training Programme, Counselling Care Centre Certificate in Early Childhood Intermediate Cert (ECE), Institute of Education Ministry of Education Registered Instructor ​ 30 years experiences training children, youths, working adults and foreign students especially underachievers in PSLE & O Level English, TOEFL & IELTS which cover skills in writing, reading, comprehension, communication, summary, critical thinking & analysis, as well as project work/research skills. I received Tuition Programme Long Service Award and a Certificate of Commendation from CDAC Tuition Programme in 2001 and 1997 respectively with over ​ I am MOE-registered Instructor for MOE Schools Enrichment Programmes & Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, as well as Preschool Qualifications Accreditation Committee recognised Academic Head/Early Childhood Lecturer & Practicum Supervisor. ​ Philip Chan Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA), Berkeley International University-State of Delaware USA Special Examination Certificate in English Language (1980), Ministry of Education Singapore LCCI English for Commerce (Intermediate & Higher Stage) Certificate in Certified Teacher Training Programme – Good Credit , PSB Academy Certificate in Fundamentals of Learning , PSB Academy Certificate in Effective Classroom Management Skills , lifeskills and lifestyle @People's Association Certificate in Understanding & Managing Children , lifeskills and lifestyle @People's Association ITE Certificate in Train the Trainer ACTA Certified , Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment in facilitated learning, WDA Associate Education Consultant Certified , Spring Singapore Certificate in Teaching Pedagogy & Curriculum Update for Primary and Secondary levels, National Institute of Education MOE Singapore Registered Instructor ​ ​ Philip is an education consultant and is a MOE registered instructor in MOE Enrichment programs for Primary & Secondary. He has 20 over years of practical trainer’s experience in the teaching profession encompasses 40 over MOE schools, tuition centers, institutions, community centers, Republic Polytechnic, University program and consultancy service. RICHARD WEE Bachelor in Communication Studies (Honours) , Nanyang Technological University Victoria Junior College, Singapore-Cambridge (Advanced Level) An experienced private tutor for more than 20 years, I've helped many primary and secondary students develop their fullest potential, discover their innate abilities and improve their academic performance and social well-being. I have also taught at Montfort Secondary School as an adjunct teacher, conducting classes at the lower and upper secondary levels, teaching students from the Normal Technical, Normal Academic to the Express Streams. The principal was so pleased with me that he wrote a testimonial for me for my performance. As a former scholar and experienced career professional, I have been regularly invited by my alma mater to conduct career talks to graduating students. My career experience spans from marketing, advertising, public relations and retail promotions. ​ Irene Tay Master of Business Administration in Marketing, The International University(USA) Professional certificate in Marketing and Communications Management, Oklahoma City University and MDIS Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling, The School of Positive Psychology Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (Facilitated Learning), WDA Certified Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Acme Achievers Ministry of Education Registered Instructor ​ I have about 10 years of teaching and training experience and also a MOE approved instructor. I have taught English academically (primary-tertiary) and as a second language (ESL) for foreigners (children and adults) at some private schools locally and overseas. ​ My approach in teaching is relatable, fun and interactive. Documented success in providing activities and materials that engage and develop the students intellectually and emotionally. ​ Hands on experience in facilitating and guiding reading, writing, oral language skills; IELTS, TOEFL, LCCI (English and Marketing & Communications) and etc. ​ Effective communicator and resourceful teacher with proven ability to enhance students' performance and empower them with knowledge. ​ Built a reputation of compassion and an excellent role model within an incredibly short span of time. ​ SAMUEL NEO Former NUS, Polytechnic lecturer and School teacher Degree of Master of Science , National University of Singapore Degree of Bachelor of Science(Hons) in Physics , National University of Singapore The Certified Diploma in Accounting & Finance , The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Bartley Secondary School , Singapore-Cambridge (Advanced Level) ​ Samuel holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science (1st Class Honours) in Physics from the National University of Singapore. ​ At the tertiary level , he taught Physics at the National University of Singapore, Engineering Mathematics and Computing at Singapore and Ngee Ann polytechnics. ​ At A and O levels, he has taught Mathematics and Science in secondary schools and private tuition in A and O level Physics, O level Chemistry, Additional Mathematics and lower secondary Science. He is currently a principal tutor in Physics, Chemistry and Science for secondary school and junior college levels. ​ Samuel is the developer and owner of the WITS (Whole-brain integrated Thinking Skills) programme for which more than 200 students have attended. ​ He was a PSC teaching merit scholarship holder and obtained a few prizes and medal for academic excellence in Physics at university level and mathematics and Economics at A level. ​ Samuel takes personal interest in ensuring that his students understand concepts taught and are able to apply them to solve problems. He seeks to instill interest and passion in the subjects beyond the school curriculum in his students and give them challenging problems and career guidance where applicable. ​ Bryan Teng Bachelor of Science With Merit, major in life sciences, National University of Singapore Graduate Diploma in Food Science and Technology , Curtin University Graduate Certificate in Food Science and Technology , Curtin University ​ A firm believer in imparting the right mindset and technique for each subject he tutors, he uses innovative methods and associated learning to ensure that basic/key concepts are grasped before enrichment supplementation questions given to accelerate learning. ​ He utilize innovative and creative solutions to educate/assist in teaching Secondary and tertiary students, for the past 2 years. He uses day-to-day examples to highlight key concepts and supplement it with enrichment exercises that goes beyond the textbooks and adds a refreshing insight to subjects-in-focus. As his methods are often student-centric and motivational, his students ,which include St Andrew, ACS, Monfort, Bowen Secondary, ACJC, SAJC, etc, were grateful for improving past grades by at least 2 to 3 ranks, due to the personalized teaching pedagogy that focuses on general mindset, study approach(subject-specific), resourcefulness. All his students showed marked improvement in study attitudes and confidence in handling weaker subjects. He coached students from both one to one basis and group tuition on private basis and other tution centres before. ​ AVNEET PANNU Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, Botany, Zoology), Guru Nanak Dev University, India. Bachelor of Education, Punjabi University, India. 'A' Levels , Khalsa College , Amritsar Stood First in college in Bachelor of Science part-1. ​ My Father being a professor, I found myself in an academic atmosphere during my formative years and developed an inclination for academia. Consequently, I was attracted to adopting teaching as a career. I feel it would be a fitting career for me and I hope to make considerable contribution in this field. I acquired a teacher training degree after my graduation in Science. I have several years of experience teaching intermediate to advanced chemistry to a wide range of students. I am a distinguished student in her undergraduate class of Bachelor of Science in chemistry which paved way for her to become an outstanding teacher in the field of chemistry. I am a dedicated teacher experienced in developing unique lesson plans as suited to an individual student. ​ During my Bachelor of Education degree I taught Chemistry to secondary level students as a part of the teacher training program. ​ ​ ​ Lin Jing Bachelor in International Business, Jimei University China Undergraduate Programme in International Economics and Trade, Jimei University Chengyi College Diploma of International Business, nmit ​ ​ A tutor with a Bachelor of International business from Jimei University China. Native Chinese speaker with more than 3 years experience in home tuition( including one to one and group tuition) for primary and secondary level. A passionate tutor to help students by better understanding of Chinese and improvement in academic results. I'm enjoying seeing my students to improve with my guidance. ANDY SIM Bachelors in Bioengineering (Hons), NUS , ASEAN Scholar 'A' Levels , Chung Hua Middle School Kuching, Sarawak ​ I used to be a relief teacher as Form Teacher while teaching Chinese, Maths & Science. I have also been personal tutor for 4 years teaching mainly Maths and Science. Teaching has always been my passion as i find joy in sharing knowledge and grooming young adults, both academically as well as personality. Having experience as an motivational and leadership speaker for teenager also helps in my venture in teaching and growing students as a whole. Nothing is impossible! Even impossible says " I'M POSSIBLE!" William Phay Master of Business Research, The University of Western Australia Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University Victoria School, Singapore-Cambridge (Advanced Level) Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, Institute For Adult Learning Essential skills to teach at UniSIM, SIM University ​ ​ In teaching children, we use more Experiential Learning methods (Games, Role-play, etc) + Direct Instruction (short mini-presentation, demonstration, drill & practices, movies). That is because "attention time" is short. That's why children can really do well in Show & Tell e.g end-of-year show (K1,K2) ​ Hence the instruction design/strategies must be correct. ​ I am familiar with the subject type - cognitive, affective or psychomotor. ​ This helps me in developing their physiology and behavioral aspects in learning new syllabuses. It also helps to grow their minds and in character building. ANNE LAZARUS. S M.Sc. in Media and Communication , London School of Economics and Political Science, London (LSE) 2010 M.Sc. in Psychology, Madras University 2008 M.A. in English Literature, Annamalai University 2014 B.A. Philosophy , Madurai Kamaraj University 2000 Diploma in TESOL Appeared IELTS, Scored 7.5 in 2009 ​ ​ I have a good exposure working as an academy trainer for graduates, teacher for the school children, human resource faculty for the MBA graduates and currently as an educator at USOL in Singapore. Indeed I am happy to be a teacher whereby my focus is always on struggling students in order to raise their confidence and grades. Patteri Divya Krishnan MSc in Applied Chemistry(First class), The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda BSc in Chemistry(Principal) and Botany-Zoology(Subsidiary) Second Class Honours, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Higher Secondary Certificate (Distinction), Gujarat Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board Cambridge International Certification in Teaching and Learning ​ I have 3 years of classroom-based teaching experience. My learners were between the age group of 13 and 18. During the period, I have assisted the learners towards better learning and development of their cognitive skills using constructive approaches. I was a home-room teacher for an year where I was in charge of the administration duties for my class, in addition to teaching them. ​ I worked as an Editor and lead a number of cross-team projects with various international publication houses and universities. I was responsible for proofreading, assisting and leading the tasks of the teams involved in educational content and curriculum creation. ​ I have a strong eye-for-detail and near-native English ability. I have extremely strong written and oral communication skills. ​ I , also, have good exposure and experience in assisting senior management for collaborating with the marketing clients. So, mine is a combined experience in teaching, training, writing and editing (in education sector). ROZANAH BINTE A AZIZ BA First Class Honors in Linguistics and English Language, University of Lancaster, U.K. Diploma in Physical Education (With Credit) , National Institute of Education (NTU) Temasek Junior College, Singapore-Cambridge (A-Level) Bedok View Secondary School, Singapore-Cambridge (O-Level) ​ ​ I have been teaching English Language and Literature for the past 21 years in MOE schools (10 years), AngloChinese School (Independent) (10 years) and St Francis Methodist School (International School). In 2017, I was a Senior Teacher at St Francis Methodist School teaching the GCE O Level, IELTS and IGCSE tracks. I am also appointed the Project Leader of EL Enhanced Literacy Programme. In MOE schools (1994-1995; 2000-2007), I taught the GCE O Level tracks and was appointed Sec 3 Subject Coordinator. For the last 10 years in ACS (Independent), I taught the GCE O Level English Language curriculum at the Secondary Three and Four levels and the IBDP track. For many years, we have consistently maintained a distinction rate of over 50% for English Language in the GCE O Level Examination. I was the Subject Coordinator (Year 3 English Language) since 2008-2014. I have also taught Years 5 and 6 IBDP Programme in 2010 to 2012 and was also appointed the Subject Coordinator (Year Five IBDP English B) in 2010-2011. My role as Subject Coordinator was to update and coordinate the termly SOW, consolidate and update weekly worksheets, notes, common tests and examinations. Together with a team of teachers, we also planned and created worksheets for the annual Secondary Three/Four English Study Camp and the annual English Week Programme. I was also the Project Leader of the school-wide annual Oratorical Contest since 2008 (ie Dr Lee Suan Yew Speaker of the Year Award) (please see attached testimonial). As an educator, I believe that all students can achieve their full potential regardless of their learning capabilities or backgrounds. With this conviction in mind and over twenty years of teaching experience to students from different socio-economic backgrounds, I am certain that my pedagogical skills, knowledge and willingness to take up any additional roles, will greatly benefit the students and community in your school. Cindy Koh Private Candidate, Singapore-Cambridge (A-Level) Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' Secondary School, Singapore-Cambridge (O-Level) Ministry of Education Registered Instructor I am an Instructor in schools doing ccm for 4 years and am a full time tutor for 24 years. Well-versed with school syllabus from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. Teach English, Chinese, Elementary and Additional mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Possess proven track record. I can even teach dyslexic kids. ​ I am capable of developing interesting and interactive lessons which captures my students' attention. Skilled in answering techniques on how to handle for examinations, concepts on mathematics and science by doing mind maps and quizzes. Familiar with Grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, creative writing as well as oral communication. ​ I believe with my many years of teaching experience and the above attributes, I will be able to handle all my students well and have the confidence to help them do well in their examinations. ​ CHOY YING HUN Bachelor of Science, National University of Singapore Postgraduate Diploma in Education(Primary School Level), Nanyang Technological University Anderson Junior College, Singapore-Cambridge (A-Level) Braddell Secondary School, Singapore-Cambridge (O-Level) I am an ex Primary School Teacher with 29 years tutoring experience with a Bachelor of Science from National University Singapore majoring in mathematics and PGDE NIE from National Technological University for Primary. ​ I can teach Primary 1 to Primary 6 English, Mathematics, Chinese and Science also Secondary 1 to 5 in Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics & Additional Mathematics. I taught in Student Care Centres for 9 years teaching English, Mathematics, Chinese & Science . My previous PSLE student scored A grades for both English & Chinese which i taught both. Terry Ng Bachelor of Social Science (Hons), National University of Singapore Tampines Junior College, Singapore-Cambridge (A-Level) Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Singapore-Cambridge (O-Level) ​ I have 5 years of teaching experience with Primary, Secondary and O ‘Level’ students in wide range of subjects from languages to humanities to the sciences, in both classroom and private tutor settings. One of my highlights as private tutor was to improve one of my students so that she did well enough in the Primary 4 examinations in all the subjects. One of my students also improved tremendously in his English language and writing, after spending 2 years with me. I have also taught primary school science and enrichment activities for a few years, culminating in experience with vacation enrichment science camps! ​ My interests extend to teaching and training young adults in both formal and informal settings. I have also taught introductory and advanced modules to undergraduate students. Previously, I have also trained teenage students in leadership camps and activities in obstacle courses. ​ My other educational interests extend to training adults, instructional design and educational assessments. REGINA NG Master of Counselling , Monash University Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences in Cancer Biology (Hons), University of Bradford Graduate Diploma in Education , Nanyang Technological University ​ Regina Ng is MOE approved private tutor that have been teaching government schools and private tuition centres for 3 years. She is currently teaching private one to one home tuition. Previously, she was teaching in government schools for conversational Chinese, and written, oral Chinese for PSLE and O levels examination format. ​ She has extensive experience with kids and children, with skills learnt in her master course and her experience in teaching in a class with at least 20 students. She also had experience in teaching adults who are keen in learning Chinese. ​ She is confident in teaching very young kids or children who are not obedient or disinterested in learning. She uses special visual methods to engage them in learning Chinese. She will be drawing up a learning plan for each unique student to enhance their ability and score well for the subject. She believes that everybody has the potential to excel and does not discriminate if the students scored badly previously. ​ Lastly, Regina also have experience in teaching children with ADHD and mild Autism. ​ Her students showed tremendous improvements; a student in primary 5 was failing Chinese because of her lack of usage and parents were of a different race, she managed to score a B3 for her PSLE. When Regina was teaching Biology for upper secondary, the student had maintained his A grade. Regina taught an Indian girl in Primary 1, and she scored good marks for her Chinese exams. Christopher Lim Bachelor of Science honours in Botany, National University of Singapore Postgraduate Diploma in Education(Secondary School Level), Nanyang Technological University ​ I was an ex-MOE school teacher who had taught science in several secondary schools till 2001. Began my private tutoring in one-to-one home tuition since 2002. ​ I believe with my many years of teaching experiences , I will be able to help all keen learners to achieve greater heights and excel in their studies. ALVIN KOH Bachelor of science with merits, National University Singapore Serangoon Junior College , Singapore-Cambridge (A-level) Manjusri secondary school , Singapore-Cambridge (O-level) ​ Alvin is familiar with various types of teaching methodology, syllables and exam formats from SAT, IB, A/O level to IGSCE. He has taught in various educational centers and international schools. His specialties are in Physics and all branches of Mathematics. He has written physics guide book and SAT math practice book for Fairfield publishing House and is presently their editor. ​ Even before, he has written and design note, revision, study and exam materials for various educational centers and international schools. He had taught numerous students taking IB syllabus and guide them on the procedures to gain university admissions in USA or UK and the essential procedures. Some managed to enter those in the Ivy leagues. ​ He gives students the discipline they need to get well-versed in using information both acquired and given, to make correct judgement calls and make the appropriate assumptions, to manage your time properly, and make decisions on the spot. He had helped students to get from E8 to A2 within three months of tutoring and another F9 to A2 within six months, his track records are too many to list. Many of his students have written testimonials for me and they can verify his credentials. ​ He has been tutoring for 12 years and has helped most of his tutees to obtain distinctions for all subjects he taught. ​ Christine Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English , Cavite State University ​ My experience as a teacher was I taught Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 4 students. I teach English, Reading, Language, Science, Mathematics and Everyday Living. Being a teacher for me is not a job but a responsibility, a commitment, my life and everything. I enjoyed teaching very much especially when I see my students learning and uses their knowledge in everyday living. I would like to share my knowledge and experience to achieve my students' goals. It would be a great opportunity for me to be a part of the teaching team. ​ ​ LI JIE Bachelor of Arts, NUS (Major in Economics and Minor in Chinese Studies) Diploma in Chinese Studies, Ngee Ann Poly (Silver Medallist, GPA: 3.96/4.0) Clementi Woods Secondary School (5 Distinctions in O’Level) I am passionate about Chinese Culture and Chinese Language and it is such a charming subject. However, many young generation hates Chinese and lost the interest completely. I wish to tell all the students that Chinese is actually very interesting and fun to learn. With years of experience in Chinese Drama and Chinese writing, I believe I could arouse students’ interest and exploit their potentiality in Chinese. ​ 中华文化和语言的魅力是非常让人惊叹的。然而,很多年轻一代的华人却因为学习的压力而对华文产生了惧怕和抵触的心理。我希望我能尽我的绵薄之力,让孩子对华文多产生一些兴趣,多了解我们华夏文化的魅力! ​ ​ ​ Ashley Diploma in TESOL from the London teacher training college. Graduate diploma in TESOL from the London teacher training college. ​ So I'm Ashley, local male Indian aged 21. Eldest boy of two, from a family of three. Fresh grad with no prior experience specialising in ESL, EFL. Awaiting my ielts teaching cert and teacher training diploma from the London teacher training college. End goal in career life: to be an English Language Professor. Will be sitting for my degree soon, fully online pursuing all the way until doctoral level education. JESLYN Bachelor Degree in Life Sciences with Specialisation in Molecular & Cell Biology, National University Singapore Current School Teacher , Ministry of Education ​ I am a teacher who believe making learning fun and relevant for every student. I am flexible to adjust my teaching style accordingly to students needs and weakness. Producing students' results is another area of strength.

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    OUR TEACHERS Sunshine Education offers one to one focused home tuition. It delivers its services by conducting lessons in a paperless, information technology savvy environment. It provides guidance on school’s homework and marshall cavendish online during break time, provides solutions on the spot during lessons and after lesson via social application (i.e. sms/whatsapp/video chat) at no extra costs. It partners with a supplier for the provision of Ipads. Here's our primary school levels teachers' profile KRISHNA CHATTERJEE DE Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.) , West Bengal University of Technology Bachelor of Information Technology (B.I.T) , Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) Karnataka Part-time trainer, Goenka College of Commerce & Business Administration Certificate in Effective Classroom Management Skills , lifeskills and lifestyle @People's Association Ministry of Education Singapore Registered Instructor ​ I am having 9 years of teaching experiences in India and 2 years of teaching experience in Singapore. I had done Bachelor of Information Technology in India.After that, i had completed Masters of Computer Application.I have already published one of my National Journals in Mobile Computing in India. I have a passion for teaching and nurturing young minds, help them navigate their formative years and get immense satisfaction as they blossom into confident individuals of modern times. ​ I am currently teaching secondary levels integrated programme(IP) students. I have experience and familiar in IP syllabuses. ​ Jawhar Nisha G.C.E. ' A ' and 'O' levels, Private Candidate Certificate in Pre-School Teaching, Modern Montessori International (Accredited by Ministry of Community Development and Sports and Ministry of Education Singapore) My passions are teaching , business and volunteering . I like to teach and make a difference in their lives. I like to build a strong foundation in the students lives ! I am a friendly and committed person. I am a Grassroots Leader at Tampines Changkat CC. I am also a Block Representative of my block. ​ Currently, undergoing ACTA training courses. Hope to nurture young minds and constantly cultivate them to have good learning habits. JENCY SIM Bachelor of Arts, National University of Singapore Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Specialisation in Teaching Chinese Language at Secondary School Level), National Institute of Education ​ ​ I was from National Junior College. In the National University of Singapore, I majored in Chinese Studies and General Mathematics. I am an NIE-trained ex-secondary school Chinese teacher. I taught in Jurongville Secondary School for two years, before becoming a full-time private tutor for twenty years till now. While teaching in school, I was given lots of opportunities to lead the students and prove my ability. As a private tutor, I teach from primary one to secondary five students English, Chinese (including Higher Chinese), Mathematics (including A and E Maths) as well as Science. Normally, I adopt a friendly but firm teaching style. Most of my students' results improve and follow me up till GCE "O" Levels. Locations wise, I travel across the island via the various Mass Rapid Transit Lines. William Chua Bachelor of Arts (English with Sociology), Singapore University of Social Science Diploma in TESOL(Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages), Asian Life skills London Teacher Training College ​ Greetings! I am William. Teaching is my passion, and I have been doing it for about 9 years now. I have been teaching the technicalities of the English language to a range of students both foreign and local, of varied age groups and hence I fully understand student profiles. This helps me to tailor classes to suit the needs and interests of a group or individual students. ​ Besides preparatory classes where I have trained students for specific examinations, such as the AEIS and school examinations, I have also taught students who are interested in improving their conversational skills or their use of English for particular purposes such as business or travel. ​ I am confident of teaching all language levels from beginner to advanced, and as a practice, I explore many teaching and learning approaches to suit the learning styles of my students. CHARLES HAN Masters in Business Administration, University of Leicester Degree in Product Positioning and Market Segmentation Strategy, Singapore Institute of Statistics Diploma in Management Studies, Kingston Polytechnic School of Ministry, Rhema Singapore Certification Certified Trainer, WDA Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment Certificate in TEFL/TESOL(Teaching English As a Foreign Language, Teaching English as a Second or Other Language), ODLQC Accreditated Lifeforming Growth Coach, Lifeforming Leadership Coaching Institute ​ I have wide extensive experience in coaching students from all walks of life and ages with key strengths including excellent interpersonal, communication, problem solving and conceptual skills, and the ability to lead and motivate teams and individuals to achieving superior performance for my students. I advocate a principle of good study ethics; that is to be proactive in leading changes to increase productivity, prioritizing work in order to complete most important and lastly to know to celebrate success to inculcate fun in work or study. I am always advocating Life Long Learning. Through that, I wrote a book called “Success is just a Choice” and launched this during a Stress Seminar organized by Media Corp. Singapore which was publicized over T.V. I spoke on subject of Time Management. In my spare time, I still write blogs on life and situations and advocate overcoming setbacks through motivation and hard work. I am also a personal success coach and has coached many students to overcoming setbacks. I have successfully guided many students to experience “balance lifestyle” and achieve much in personal and academic goals. So in all my coaching, my motto is “Visualize, Prioritize, Actualize to their goals. Also, I am currently providing enrichment and leadership skills to both Primary ,Secondary Schools and junior colege students. Xu Rongxue Goldsmiths University of London, BA Degree with Second Class Honours (Upper Division) FIS Institute Singapore, Singapore-Cambridge (Advanced Level) RuiQuan High School, Senior high school (China Shanxi) ​ I have 8 years of teaching experience in China and Singapore with specialization in conducting both mathematics and chinese classes. I am familiar with diverse syllabus in both China and Singapore education system. ​ My passion in teaching both subjects culminates in lifelong commitment. I hope with my knowledge and experience will be able to help all my students to excel in their studies. ​ ​ TSAI CHO LUN Degree in Japanese Literature, Taiwan Tamkang University Diploma in Pre-school Education-Teaching(Chinese) 我是蔡老师,从台湾移民20年,当地大学毕业,在新加坡有幼儿教育文凭,以及多年的华文补习经验,现在主要是在新加坡中医学院全职读中医TCM大学本科文凭,课后兼职华文家教。 ​ Michelle Tan Bachelor Honors Degree in Psychology , University of Bradford Diploma in Psychology , University of Honolulu Professional certificate in Psychology , University of Honolulu Tanglin Secondary School , Singapore-Cambridge (Ordinary Level) Freelance tutor since 2009 ​ Education is an ongoing process. We learn as we go along in life. I have always loved working with people regardless of age, religion or language. I believe every individual is unique. Psychology helps me to understand the human mind. Cognitive, emotional, behavioural. These are just basic factors which contribute to an action. For example, an individual is hungry. Regardless of age, religion or language, everyone understands naturally the sign language. Even a baby who is hungry will know how to cry for attention to get hold of food. Therefore, I believe psychology is helpful in my teaching career. ​ I have been teaching since 2009 focusing mainly on upper primary levels. I understand every students' minds and thinking process hence am able to coach them well on their weakness areas. Helping them to understand the concepts and grasp the important points for their examinations. I managed to help all my students improve at least 3 grades. ​ My passion in education has lasted me teaching for almost 10 years and I am still loving what I am doing as a teacher. LIM JUN HUI Masters in Mass Communications , Nanyang Technological University Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications(Double major in Journalism & Public Relations), University of Newcastle Diploma in Information Technology, Nanyang Polytechnic Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, Singapore-Cambridge (Ordinary Level) Freelance English and literature subjects tutor since 2010 I obtained my bachelor’s Degree in communication (Double major in Journalism & Public Relations) from the University of Newcastle, Australia with credit-distinction average grades. Currently , completing my masters degree and will be graduating soon. As a graduate in Mass Communication with career experiences in corporate communications, I have acquainted myself with a range of essential English language conceptual and practical skills. Furthermore, with my good command of English in both speaking and writing, I have successfully provided primary and secondary school level tuition in English and Literature subjects with eight years of experiences. ​ Herwin Bath Private Candidate , Singapore-Cambridge (Advanced Level) Willow Avenue Secondary School , Singapore-Cambridge (Ordinary Level) “BEST” Teacher Training Course British Council Certificate - Phonics Registered with MOE as a Relief Teacher Freelance Educational Trainer ​ I've been an Educational Trainer for the last 15 over years, helping young students excel, and I love it! I have experience conducting various enrichment programs in primary schools, tuition centres, Residents' Committees & Community Clubs. I'd love connecting & engaging students across all levels, producing excellent results, creating a stimulating & fun learning environment that students love. I am currently conducting classes for Mendaki and CDAC too. ​ WINNI LEE Bachelor of Science in Economics , National University of Singapore Anderson Junior College, Singapore-Cambridge (Advanced Level) Evergreen Secondary School, Singapore-Cambridge (Ordinary Level) ​ I am an economics undergraduate in National University of Singapore. Having responsibility, a keen eye for detail and being meticulous are some attributes that I possess, I strive to complete tasks to the best of my ability. Along with a higher quantitative skills, I was recommended to coach my juniors in elementary and additional mathematics which have been my best scoring subjects since secondary school days. Even though I may be inexperienced, but I am willing to go beyond my comfort zone to learn and grow in terms of teaching skills and in person. ​ It brings me much joy seeing my juniors improving and scoring well in their examinations. ​ Dominick Inzerillo TEFL Diploma, Teaching English As A Foreign Language , Bridge TKT Young Learners from English International, University of Cambridge Bachelor of Liberal Arts , University of Missouri-Kansas City ​ Dominick Inzerillo with extensive teaching experience in all ages. Dominick enjoy using humor in class to ensure everyone is paying attention. He has engaging lessons and enjoys using music as part of teaching any type of lesson. If you like adventure and music then he is the teacher for you. Lets go explore today! ​ ARTI GIDWANI Bachelors of Business in Marketing and Public Relations , Deakin University Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education, RMIT University Melbourne VIC Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care through Singapore, IGNOU Diploma in Early Years Enrichment , The College of Teachers Diploma in Design , Practice , Assessment , Evaluation, University of Cambridge - Cambridge TAS Ms Arti is an Australian qualified teacher (Bachelors of Commerce, Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Diploma in Early Years Enrichment-Drama, Phonics, Creative Writing and Diploma in Teaching and Learning). She possesses over 15 years’ experience especially with children aged 3-16 years old. Having taught in countries such as China, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore, she conducts stimulating educational workshops based on a comprehensive preschool and primary level curriculum to develop the individual's potential. She is skilled in various types of training such as Speech and Drama, Phonics, Story-Telling, Creative Writing, Culinary Art, Cooking for Kids, English Speed Reading, Vocabulary, Personal Grooming, Leadership, Motivation, Time Management, Study Skills, Communication, Goal Setting Skills and much more. Besides maintaining positive communication with parents, she creates a safe space for creativity, exploration,and growth by encouraging positive behaviour patterns and even conducts teacher training sessions all over the world. Este Ng Bachelor in Graphic Design, SIA College of the Arts Diploma in Design, SIA College of the Arts CHIJ Secondary Toa Payoh, Singapore-Cambridge (Ordinary Level) ​ I am an ex-educator with experience in managing programmes, classroom management and lesson planning. It has always been my passion to guide young children and to develop effective learners and leaders. ANDREW CHIOK MBA (South Australia) Dip Banking & Finance (IBF) CELTA (Cambridge) ACTA (IAL) Associate Adult Educator and an adult Education Professionalisation by IAL, Currently a freelance trainer, Andy works with the Ministry of Education training students (both primary and secondary schools, and the polytechnics) in Financial Literacy, Product Design, Youth Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Public Speaking. He is ACTA-Certified and MOE-Registered to conduct training in team-building, leadership, and critical thinking. Andy is also certified by Cambridge to teach English (CELTA). Rina Leong Bachelor in Business Administration Diploma in Chemical engineering ​ I have been a full-time tutor since 2002 specialising in Primary school English, Math and Science especially PSLE Math and Science subjects. I have been tutoring and teaching in various settings - tuition & Student care centres in classroom, private individual tutoring basis at home settings. Teaching has always been my passion since young in order to help weaker students in their understanding & application so that they enjoy learning. For higher calibre students, they can achieve greater heights with my consistent coaching. I view this partnership with my students and parents of great importance, together with discipline and conscientious coaching with intense revision, we shall get to our dream earlier. BHAGYA SREE Raffles Diploma and A Levels at Raffles Girls School and Raffles Institution ​ Ms. Sree is currently a relief teacher at CHIJ OLN, registered with MOE to teach English, Maths, Science and Tamil/Higher Tamil for Primary level students as well as English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, and Tamil/Higher Tamil at Secondary Schools. As a private tutor, she has 3 years of experience tutoring students from a range of backgrounds and academic abilities as well as learning disabilities due to her work with SHINE Children and Youth Services (VWO). She is adept at customising approaches to each student's needs and learning styles, and believes in building a strong rapport with students to truly assess their requirements and augment their interest in the topic at hand. When teaching students, especially those in examination years (P6s etc), she pays close attention to answering techniques, and exam specific tips. Gloria Leung Bachelor of Arts (NUS) ​ She has a very strong interest in pursuing a teaching career. She has been teaching students in a variety of settings, including the most vibrant cities in APAC, Hong Kong and Singapore. She was a teacher in Berries World of Learning School (Singapore), providing fun and experiential learning for students who wish to master the Chinese language; She was also an instructor in Kingmaker Consultancy Pte Ltd (Singapore), aiming to nurture youths and adults alike to lead in the digital age and to live to their fullest potential. Added on being a volunteer teacher (Hong Kong) providing after-school tutorial in a traditional classroom during my time in Secondary school. These teaching experience enables her to have a diverse background with much to offer, and she has been successful at accommodating different student needs by offering individualized support. JIN LING Bachelor of environmental engineering I have 4 years experience in home tuition in China and Singapore, specialising in Primary school Chinese and Mathematics subjects. Chinese is not so difficult, it can be very interesting thing. I always modify the way of teaching to suit the special requirements of each students which contribute much to personality and setting up an appropriate education scheme. Kristel Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education , UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS Board For Professional Teachers Passer, License Number: 1693405 Certified Working Proficiency in English ,Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) Passer Hopkins International partners Inc. I am a passionate teacher whose aim is to give the best education that every child deserves. I aid children to achieve their fullest potential. Determined to provide quality education and can maintain harmonious relationship with others. Willing to take responsibilities and contribute to the success of the child. ​ GOWRI Master of Business Administration (HR) – Annamalai University , Chidambaram, India Bachelor of Business Administration – Theivanai Ammal College for Women, Villupuram, India. ​ To achieve greater heights through hardwork, sincerity & dedication by means of continuous learning which will make the entire use of my potential talent for teaching improvement with continual challenge enhancing the intellectual skills. To attain the aim of the life with perseverance, patience and taking right decisions and at the right moment. I have great confidence to help my tutees in achieving greater heights together. ​ ​ Ma Li Specialist Diploma in Chinese Language Teaching (Mandarin), KLC International Institute, Singapore ​ 我,是马丽,在新加坡非教育行业工作有十多年。2018年转向华文教育行业,有个人补习经验。2018年我报读了KLC高级华文教学大专课程。所有课程己结束并将毕业于2019年8月17日。 在学习的这段期间里,2019年1月开始至6六月在补习中心做兼职华文补习老师和一对一个人补习。 ​ ​ ​ YUANGE Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese, Nanyang Technological University Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education Diploma in Chinese Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School, Singapore-Cambridge (O-level) I am a former primary school Chinese teacher, now pursuing further studies at NTU, major in Chinese. I received training from National Institute of Education including pedagogics, educational psychology, syllabus analysis, assessment methods and so on. I have seen and I understand the challenges that may occur while learning Chinese language. So that I am able to teach children in accordance in their aptitude and ability during tuition sessions, in order to help them not just to overcome the difficulties but also to enjoy learning Chinese by having the suitable method on a long-term basis. I can also help children to get used to the study pace and to improve their learning abilities as I am familiar with the current syllabus as well as the new assessment policy. In additional, I have overseas teaching internship experience in China and have finished an exchange semester in Peking University. Also, I scored ‘A’ for both Chinese and Higher Chinese in ‘O’ levels. I believe that with my guidance, children can be able to see their potential through having the motivation as well as the right method for learning and will strive in studies. ​ ​ Ashley Diploma in TESOL from the London teacher training college. Graduate diploma in TESOL from the London teacher training college. So I'm Ashley, local male Indian aged 21. Eldest boy of two, from a family of three. Fresh grad with no prior experience specialising in ESL, EFL. Awaiting my ielts teaching cert and teacher training diploma from the London teacher training college. End goal in career life: to be an English Language Professor. Will be sitting for my degree soon, fully online pursuing all the way until doctoral level education. ​ MEETAL MADIA Certificate in Supporting SpLD Learners in Mathematics, Dyslexia Academy of Singapore Classroom Strategies for Inquiry based learning, The University of Texas, Austin (edX, U Teach) Diploma in TESOL, British Education Centre (London Teacher's Training College) Orton Gillingham certified, MSL Consultancy Pte. Ltd. (Orton Gillingham, Singapore) Bachelor in Childhood Studies and Guidance and Counselling (Second class, Upper division), Northumbria University,UK Diploma in Special Education (Autism Studies) , Autism Resource Centre in collaboration with MOE. Diploma in Special Education , National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University (NIE-NTU) Diploma in Law and Management, Temasek Polytechnic GCE "O" Levels (7 credits) , Bedok Green Secondary School With 9 years of experience in the education field, I have teaching experiences with learners who have additional needs or mainstream students. Having taught in an International school as a Homeroom Teacher, I have been with a class of mixed ability learners. I'm degree qualified, with special education credentials from NIE-NTU, trained in Orton Gillingham approach for the learner who needs structure. I have taught children with various learning issues/ special needs. During that time and thereafter, I would tutor and support Pri 1 to 6 children. Currently, I am teaching children from Pri 1 to 6 English, Maths & Science. There are also students I teach who have special needs (Autism, Dyslexia, Hemiplagia & other needs) ​ Mei Ying Degree in Physics with distinction , National University of Singapore GCE 'O' levels , Raffles Girls School Best Student Award , Raffles Girls School I have 10 years of tutoring experience specializing in Primary level English , Mathematics, Science and Chinese subjects, Secondary level English, Physics, Lower Secondary Science and Chinese subjects. I also can teach GCE 'O' levels Elementary mathematics and Additional mathematics. And English or Chinese as a foreign language. Most of my students improve tremendously under my patient and directed guidance. ​

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