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Teacher Krishna is a very good teacher. She teaches me well. She is very nice, funny and pretty.  I passed my English and Mathematics examinations because of her.

Desiree Koh

Teacher Krishna is a good teacher because she had helped me alot and i could understand how she teaches me and I would want more tuition lesson next year. Thank you!


I scored  256. A* for my mathematics and English. Thank you so much for teaching Sreshti. She got into Cedar IP. Thank you Teacher Rina!


A patience , organized and systematic tutor.

Thank you, Mr Sam !


A great patient tutor who helped me in my physics. He ensured that I I was prepared  for 'O' levels by going through and focusing on all the topics I was weak at. He also answered my questions well. I  was confident for 'O' levels. Thanks to Mr Sam.


A  knowledgeable  , patient and enthusiastic tutor.

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